Ministry to the Blind: Not-Alone

Not Alone = You are NOT Alone… Listen Here…

The universe is big.
We are small.
We are not alone.


God may feel far away but actually is not.
This website, devotions and other items are designed to bring
you close to a God who cares a great deal about you.


I’m Pastor Dave. I’ve been blind for most of my life.
Let me say, you do not need to see physically to see God.Faith sees God.Please e-mail me with any thoughts or questions. I’m here to help and serve.
Pastor Dave currently preaches at
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – College Hill

St. Paul’s – College Hill is the base of operations for Pastor Dave’s Ministry to the Blind across the United States.

St. Paul’s – College Hill supports this as their outreach and mission to the church at large.



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